20 Inventions That Every Single Town and City Should Have. The Inventors Are Ingenious!

Millions of people all over the world are following all current technological advances. This is the cutting edge technology that changes our everyday lives and makes them so much easier. Can you imagine a single day without your smartphone? How would you check your bus timetable without the app? How would you pay if the credit card wasn’t there? It turns out that apart from these indispensable inventions there are others which might surprise you with their simplicity and vast potential.

#1 Car park lines on the walls.


Thanks to them leaving your car there will be so much easier.

#2 Toothpaste squeezer


Nothing can be wasted!

#3 A scooter with a baby seat


A walk with your baby? Why not! But wouldn’t it be even better if we took a scooter?

#4 Plasters


Such a simple solution should be in every single bathroom. Once you get cut, usually that means bleeding all over the place to find a plaster. So what about this one

#5 A charger for the fit


Your battery has gone flat and you are away from home? Just pedal a little and your phone will get charged.

#6 Pedestrian crossing


The elderly and the disabled might need more time to cross the street, especially when it is a wide one. They would love to have one at every single crossing, especially in busy streets.

#7 Flexible charger


This one helps you plug in several charges of various sizes.

#8 An ironing board and a mirror in one


A perfect invention for those who have a lot to iron and very little time to dress up.

#9 A chair for skiers


A perfect piece of furniture for those who would like to have lunch in a restaurant without worrying about where to put the helmet, goggles or gloves.

#10 First aid training at the airport


Are you bored waiting for your plane? Isn’t it a good moment to learn how to save somebody’s life?

#11 A car bed


Something cut out for long-distance drives.

#12 Pizza scissors


Each piece will look mouth-watering and, most importantly, nobody will complain about getting a smaller one.

#13 A shower cap for babies


Ideal for every parent who wants to prevent shampoo and foam from getting into their babies’ eyes.

#14 Key holder


Everybody likes LEGO. And everybody loses keys. With this gadget this is not going to happen again.

#15 Pet vending machine


You never know when your pet deserves a reward.

#16 Dishwasher


This one displays how much time till the washing up is done.

#17 A disposable toothbrush


There is a restaurant in Rome that provides its customers with disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste so that they can brush their teeth after the meal.

#18 Fitted bedsheet


This one tells you which is the shorter side.

#19 Bar


There is a bar in Utah that has got a cooling counter edge to keep your drinks cold.

#20 Table


If you need to keep your phone at hand but you are afraid of spilling something on it, this table is designed just for you.

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