24 Smart Tips for Everyday Life

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Make your day to day easier with these 24 Smart Tips for everyday life from cleaning to storage. All of the tips and tricks are below!

Have you ever seen someone doing or using something in a totally practical way that you had never seen before?  It usually deserves a facepalm followed by a “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

Get ready for a post that is chock-full of super simple ideas!

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24 Super Smart Tips for Everyday Life:

A plastic box soap holder is the perfect size to hold card games! I need to stock up on these!

Plastic box soap holder

Use empty Toilet Paper Rolls as Gift Wrap Savers!

toilet paper rolls

I love these Dice shakers, they are great for travel games and smaller hands. Use small plastic storage containers and you are set!

small plastic storage containers

You don’t need an expensive Bluetooth speaker, you can use a glass bowl to make your iPod/iPhone speaker louder all on its own!

glass bowl

Save your nails when adding or removing a key from a key chain and use a staple remover. Genius!!

staple remover

A Cell Phone Number Bracelet using Number Beads Great for when you are in busy areas like amusement parks or the zoo!

number beads

Use an old pill bottle to help save on laundry detergent.

save on laundry detergent

Poke holes into the lid of a Milk Jug and you have a recycled watering container!

milk jug

The Parmesan Lid fits on a regular canning jar!

parmesan lid

Use Pure Acetone (a type of fingernail polish remover) to remove the ink on plastic containers so you can reuse them!

pure acetone

Use a fitted sheet over the box spring to hide that ugly mattress.

fitted sheet

The kids won’t need to get a new cup out every time they need a drink when you have Fridge Magnet Cups.

magnet cups

Did you know you can put a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water and won’t boil over?!

wooden spoon

Recycle a plastic bottle into a super nifty Cell Phone Charger Holder!

cell phone charger holder

Put hot glue on your hanger and it will keep your clothing from slipping off!

hot glue

Use a dust pan to fill another container with water from a bathroom faucet!

dust pan

Use those little plastic bread closure things (do they even have a real name?) and label your different cords!

label different cards

Use a suspension rod to organize your cleaners underneath your counter. They simply hang on the rod! So smart.

suspension rod

Use Vaseline as Fingernail Polish Prep. No more polish on the area around your nail!

fingernail polish prep

Sparkler Shield.  Use a plastic cup as a sparkler shield to keep those little hands from the hot sticks!

plastic cup

Wrap a rubber band around a Cut Apple to keep the pieces together and you won’t have brown icky pieces at lunchtime!


Keep the summer bugs out of your drink with a cupcake liner. No more drinking that extra protein!

cupcake liner

Recycle a Johnson’s Lotion bottle to make a faucet extender for smaller hands!

lotion bottle

Rub a clean Chrome faucet with Wax paper Sheets and it will keep the water spots away.

wax paper sheets

Use a dollar store Wiffle Ball to make beautiful flower balls.  Just push the stem through the holes!

wiffle ball

If you have a smart tip you’d love to share, we’d love for you to share a photo so we can see how smart you are!

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