Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with yard work this season


Instead, stay ahead of the curve by making sure every tool in your shed is working, ready, and exactly what you need to get the job done in the more efficient and easy of ways. And one of those must-have tools is a weed eater – or sometimes referred to as a string trimmer. Get every nook, cranny, and narrow strip of lawn clipped and ready to level up your curbside appeal.

There are plenty to choose from and plenty of different features to sift through. But, again, we’ve done the dirty work for you. Below you’ll find 7 of the best weed eaters that get the job done. Sift through our finds and, while you’re at it, you may learn a thing or two about those string trimmers, what types there are as well as a  few other interesting odds and ends.
What Is A Weed Eater?
A weed eater is exactly what it sounds like because of what it caters to. It’s a lawn tool that cuts grass, low foliage,  or weeds, in the smaller nooks and crannies of one’s yard. You may not know this device by this name though as it has plenty of other variations of names including: string trimmer, weed-whacker, brush cutter, and whipper-snipper. What makes this so different from its mower counterpart is the blade in which it uses to cut; usually made from a very fine line of monofilament, nylon, and other times a chain.
What To Look For When Buying:
There’s such a variety of of styles, designs, combination devices, and other features to keep in mind when shopping for your new weed eater. You’ll find more simplified models and more powerful models. You’ll find ones that can easily cut thick shrubbery too. You’ll even find designs that do a combination of jobs. It’s important to know what you need before you make the plunge into the shopping journey.
Features: Prices:
You will find weed eaters are an array of price points. Know going into your venture that the average price for a quality trimmer is around $200, with prices dipping far below that or reaching near $1,000. It’s all dependent on your particular needs, brands you trust, and features you want.
We suggest ensuring that whatever design you go with includes a comfort grip handle. After an hour of weed eating, you’ll be sorry if you have a handle that’s just made of metal without cushion. Callouses will ensure and blood blisters may come in full force. This is a must for heavier weed eaters, making sure the entire piece is comfortable to maneuver is key.
It’s just a fact, weed eaters can be incredibly noisy. If you’re looking for something quieter, steer away from gas-powered models. The higher the power level of the engine, the more noise that will ensue. Even with electric or battery-powered options, the noise level will vary.
All that power doesn’t come with guaranteed safety. You’ll want to make sure those blades are exposed when you’re not working with it. Follower the instructions and use caps when it’s not in use. And make double sure that your weed eater comes with those protective caps. If not, you should be able to purchase them separately.
Types Of Weed Eaters:

Firstly, electric weed eaters have cords. Although this may seem inconvenient, the electric run models have so many advantages. They’re usually light-weight and easy to maneuver and the runtime never ends because they’re consistently in contact with their power source. But, if you’re working with a traditional size residential lawn, there may be no negative affects on your experience.

These models are also known to be one of the easiest to manage and maintain because of their simplicity. There’s no need to worry about gas, charging, and you can grab an extension cord to make the process and a little less stressful if your space calls for it.


These devices operate simply and with zero emissions (yay for the environment!). It’s nice to not have to deal with gassing up your weed eater or dealing with the potential mess. You will have to remember to charge them before you get to work though, but the start-up is easy with just the push of a button.

Because of their simplicity they are not known for their high-powered appeal, cutting through thicker foliage isn’t their forte. For those with lighter lawns, battery-powered operations may be the perfect choice. Keep in mind that these are also cordless models, so there’s no worry about zigging and zagging a cord through the mud, around the bushes, or not having enough stretch to complete the job. Pro Tip: Check out the running times on the design before you purchase.


For those that are looking for a weed eater to get some of the harder jobs, then you may need to go with a high-powered gas weed eater. These designs are made to get through the thickest of shrubbery and other foliage. Some gas-powered whackers can even get through some trees.

The disadvantage that these may have though are the noise and the fumes. They tend to be quite a bit louder than its brother designs and the fumes from the gas don’t make the experience as healthy or as enjoyable. The device itself will also be heavier than other models. You’ll also notice that you will have the option of 4-cycle or 2-stroke engine designs which will equate to the power you need for your particular lawn.


Wheeled or walk behind weed eaters are also quite powerful. For larger yards that have thicker foliage, look into these designs as well. They’re particular nice (although more expensive) when you don’t want to carry around heavy gas-powered trimmers but instead, these wheeled models make the experience and a bit more manageable.

Sometimes these devices will eliminate your need for a lawn mower completely – which makes it a smarter, all-in-one purchase that will save you in the long run.
Curved Vs. Straight Shaft:
Check out the type of shaft your new weed eater too. The shaft is the portion of the trimmer that extends from the engine to the blade and it’s where the transfer of power happens. Curved shafts are known to be lighter and easier to maneuver around touch-to-reach spots whereas straight shafts will always have a longer reach. Again, this is totally dependent on your personalized needs and your particular lawn.
Types Of Weed Eater Heads:
When it comes to the weed eater heads, there are a few different kinds. Every head will spin in a circle to get the job done but there are different ways of feeding that line to the blade. Here are the options:

Automatic Feed:

There’s an automatic feed option that works by sending our more line whenever it feels the line is becoming too short. You don’t have to worry about remembering to feed more line yourself, instead, you just keep doing your job and the weed eater uses its own intelligence send the line along. It’s definitely convenient but in the event of an issue, it is a bit harder to fix since the feed line is hidden by the head and may cost more for repair.

Fixed Head:

For those that don’t want to think about their line at all, you’ll want a fixed head. You won’t have to feed out more line at all until it needs to be replaced. It’s one of the more simple designs with easy maintenance. And they’re also known to be quite powerful with a heavy-duty finish – more so than it’s automatic or bump feed counterparts. You may even see that some fixed heads use chains instead of lines. Be wary of these designs as they can be quite dangerous.

Bump Feed:

This type of feed is the most straightforward as it allows you to feed more line and customize your trimming needs. You just bump it – actually bump it – against a flat surface to retrieve more line. It’s another job for you to take on but for those that like to feel in control this more manual option may be exactly what you need.
7 of the Best Weed Eaters That Get The Job Done 1. Black & Decker 3-in-1 String Timmer/Edger

The Black & Decker 3-in-1 String Timmer/Edger get two of the biggest jobs done within one model. You’ll have your trimming and edging needs met while being able to mow the lawn too. And the price point is phenomenal for this trusted brand and the necessities it carries.

It comes with an automatic feed system so you can do your job without worrying about feeding the line nonstop and you can work continuously for 4 hours with 100% charge. And its gear drive will deliver consistent power in nearly all grass types and is modeled for smaller, residential lawns. According to customers, it’s one of the best purchases they’ve made for their lawn and one of the easiest to handle when doing their own yard work.
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Multi-Job Function Affordable Price Point Easy To Manuever
Extension cord not included 2. Black & Decker String Trimmer

The Black & Decker String Timmer is a classic weed eater with an automatic feed system the ensures convenience and stress-free yard work. This is a corded model so it will also provide continuous power without worry of gas or charging. And it features a 6.5-amp motor with high torque transmission providing maximum performance.

It’s also incredibly lightweight making it really easy to carry around the lawn tending to harder-to-reach areas. One of its best features is that easily converts from edger to trimmer – and known to have a design that prevents bogging down in thicker foliage.
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Easy Conversion Automatic Feed System Affordable Price Point
Some issues with auto feed 3. Husqvarna String Trimmer/Brush Cutter

The Husqvarna String Trimmer/Brush Cutter is a powerful combination design to get your lawn in tip-top shape. Known to be a more commercial design, it also accommodates several professional-grade attachments including a hedge trimmer, edger, blower, and other options as well. The purchase comes with a blade kit as well.

After reviewer customer claims, the Husqvarna gives users the best of both worlds. You get high-quality, powered action with reduced noise levels. Keep in mind that it is corded and you may need to purchase an extension.
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Combination Design Commercial Quality High Power Operation
Higher Price Point 4. Black & Decker Weed Whacker

Let’s take a peek at the Black & Decker Weed Whacker! This too is a traditional design but comes with a 20-volt lithium ion battery pack giving it a 33% more run time. With its power drive transmission, you’ll receive more power and get any trimming or edging done in a faster time frame.

It also features an automatic feed so no bumping needs to be done on your end. It’s completely stress-free! The handle is also adjustable to make it easy to maneuver for different heights and anyone helping out with the yard work at home. There’s also easy conversion from trimmer to edger.
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33% More Run Time 2-in-1 Trim & Edge Adjustable Handle
Spools May Be Hard To Replace 5. Greenworks 15-Inch 5.5 Amp Corded String Trimmer

If you’re looking for an absolute steal, check out Greenworks 15-Inch 5.5 Amp Corded String Trimmer. It’s lightweight, it’s budget-friendly, and completely user-friendly as well. For those looking to trim up their small or medium size yards, this is a great choice for you!

With its corded system, you get unlimited runtime and no worries about gassing or charging up. And there’s over 70 tools within the set that you can purchase alongside this option. There’s also a shield along the wheels that helps to keep your edging neat and straight.
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Budget-Friendly Price Lightweight & Easy To Use Ideal For Small/Medium Yards
Some issues with the line 6. Black + Decker Combination Kit: Lack+Decker String Trimmer & Edger

Here’s another combination design! The Black + Decker Combination Kit: Lack+Decker String Trimmer & Edger comes with a sweeper option to help keep sidewalks, garages, and decks clear of trimming debris. The trimmer features an automatic feed spool to ensure continued progress in the yard. It’s also incredibly lightweight (right under 4 pounds!), easy to maneuver, and keeps noise levels at a minimum.

This design is battery operated and comes with a standard battery pack and battery. It’s affordable and, for those that aren’t fans of corded designs, the cordless option makes this a much simpler way to get your lawn trimmed for the week ahead.
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Sweeper Addition Automatic Feed Cordless
Extra batteries not included 7. WORX WG170 Revolution Grass Trimmer

The WORX WG170 Revolution Grass Trimmer comes in at a higher price point than some others on the list but it’s worth it! You get both a trimmer and a wheel-lined edger as well as a mini mower within this design. There’s a push-button feed system (press a button with you need more line) and features a cordless, battery-operated system.

Keep in mind the head of this design pivots to get into harder-to-reach areas as well as trim near flowers (with the included flower guard) or plants that you don’t want to touch. Included with purchase: GT Revolution 3-in-1 Trimmer, 2 20V 2.0Ah Power Share Batteries, 20V Battery Charger, Support Wheels, 3 Trimmer Spools, and Spool Holder.
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Combination Design Cordless Push-Button Feed System
Lasting battery issues Conclusion
Knock it out. Pull off the band-aid. Take note of what you need and go ahead and make your purchase. The sooner you decide, the sooner you can start your at-home landscaping project. Don’t fret though. We know there are a lot of options and you don’t want to waste your money. But that’s exactly what this list is for. There’s an option for a variety of needs and at a variety of price points from brands that we trust.

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