Gifts You Still Have Time to Get

Its hard to believe, but Christmas Day is only ten days away. I know I say this every. single. year., but where has December gone? Amazing.

If youve been putting off gift-giving, nows the time to finish the task so you can move on to actually enjoying your holidays (for me, crossing off my gift list always feels like such a load on my shoulders). If this is you, Ive got a few suggestions.

Yes, I recommend first shopping locally and with small businesses always. But, Im also a realist, and I completely get the convenience of shopping online, especially if youve got small children (going to stores with them during the holidays: my nightmare), a heavy workload, or a busy holiday schedule.

Shop our Gift Guide if you can. Then, check out my recommendations below for gift ideas via Amazon.

Heres a few of my gift recommendations.

For Littles

  1. Green Toys tea set,truck, or ferry boat
  2. Wooden play kitchen + wooden cutting food
  3. Geometric Stacker
  4. Scoot Around Wood Bike
  5. 12-pack tennis balls (sounds crazy, I know, but our babies and toddlers loved these they dont know theyre not officially toys)

For Kids

  1. Lego Classic Brick Box
  2. Zingo
  3. Pretend Cash Register
  4. Box World Crafty Projects
  5. Pirate Telescope
  6. Friendship Bracelet Kit
  7. Fort-Building Kit

For Older Kids/Tweens

  1. Mocassin Slippers
  2. Digital Practice Target
  3. Magic Tricks Set
  4. Rubiks Cube
  5. Snap Circuits
  6. Geode Collection
  7. Slammo
  8. Microscope + STEM Kit

For Teens

  1. Freewaters Slippers
  2. Telescope
  3. Pennyboard
  4. Bluetooth Turntable
  5. How to Draw Cool Stuff+ Good Pencils
  6. Ukulele
  7. Hook & Ring Toss Game
  8. Movie Theater Gift Card

For Anyone, Really

  1. Homesick Candle
  2. Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  3. Bear Shredder Claws + Apron
  4. One Line a Day Journal + an amazing erasable pen
  5. Table Topics
  6. Never Have I Ever Game
  7. Window Birdfeeder
  8. Cool Weighted Blanket
  9. Paint by Number Kit

For Bibliophiles

  1. Tequila Mockingbird+ Cocktail Shaker Set
  2. Atlas Obscura + Packable Travel Daypack
  3. At Home in the World (written by yours truly) + Hammock
  4. What If? + Leuchtturm Notebook
  5. Salt Fat Acid Heat + Mixing Bowls
  6. Uncommon Type + Fairtrade Coffee

For Stockings

  1. Booklight
  2. Mexican Chocolate Set
  3. Compact Key Holder
  4. Rainbow Mini-Notes
  5. Mad Libs
  6. Slinky
  7. Essie Nail Polish
  8. Swiss Army Multi-Tool
  9. Wikki Stix

Amazon Holiday Delivery Schedule 2019

  • Dec. 18: Last day to order items eligible for standard shipping; free for Prime members
  • Dec. 22: Last day to order millions of items; free for Prime members
  • Dec. 23: Last day to order millions of items eligible for one-day delivery; free for Prime members
  • Dec. 24: Last day to order millions of items eligible for same-day delivery; free for Prime members in eligible areas (for orders over $35; order by 9:30 a.m. local time)

(And if you dont have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial, to see if its helpful for the next few weeks.)

Keep in mind: Whenever you use these links and then make any purchase, well receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our work!

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