Keep your iPhone 11 dry with these waterproof cases

If you're looking to get your hands on the best waterproof case for the iPhone 11, you've come to the right place. What you'll see on this list is an array of cases with a combination of elements like being slim, rugged, and stylish. The Cozycase Waterproof Case is the one case we feel that truly delivers on all those attributes. It's not only affordable but aesthetically pleasing as well. However, if this one isn't your jam, then you may find one of these other cases to be more appealing.
Best Overall: Cozycase Waterproof Case

We appreciate Cozycase taking a different approach opting for this nice clear smoky black color, instead of the typical clear see-through look. The company uses a tire pattern on both sides that should offer most users a comfortable grip that helps prevent any slipping.

As for the features, Cozycase's advanced dual-layer case delivers an IP68 waterproof rating along with a military standard that can withstand drops from 6 ½ feet. Moreover, we thought the special Open Key the waterproof case comes with was a fine little addition as well. All in all, this is an enjoyable offering for such an affordable price.
Pros: IP68 waterproof Open Key Affordably priced Meets military drop standard Cons: No clear see-through choice No wireless charging Best Overall Cozycase Waterproof Case

$20 from Amazon
Clear, smoky black vibes

This case gets major brownie points for coming in a clear smoky black color rather than the usual see-through option.
Best Value: Temdan Waterproof Case

Some people hate cases because most of them are designed to hide the color of your phone. Luckily, Temdan's waterproof case does away with that norm with its clear ultra-thin offering. It completely blankets your iPhone 11, by not only covering the front and back of the phone but the glass part of the camera along with the lenses all with durable plastic.

Besides having a ruggedized frame, there are other noteworthy features to mention, like the fact that it is IP68 certified with the ability to withstand being submerged under 6.6-feet of water for up to 30 minutes.
Pros: IP68 waterproof Supports wireless charging Affordably priced Shockproof and dustproof Cons: Fingerprint magnet Lack of colors Best Value Temdan Waterproof Case

$20 from Amazon
Waterproof and dustproof protection

Having an IP68 certification provides the right comfort that your phone will be protected.
Best Versatility: Armor-X Waterproof Case

This case delivers some unique durability and versatility not seen often. Armor-X's case brings an IP68 waterproofing that is fully submersible for more than six feet and up to one hour. It has shockproof capabilities that allow it to withstand drops up to four feet, which complies with military standards.

So, enough with all the technical mumbo jumbo, and let's jump into all the cool bells and whistles that Armor-X's case comes with. For starters, the case comes with what the company calls an ActiveKey with a grip strap, an integrated X-MOUNT adaptor, magnet holder, and carabiner. These accessories allow you to use the case in multiple situations, both indoor and outdoor. You can easily hang it on your backpack, strap it to your wrist, or stick it on your fridge.

If you pay a little extra cash, you can grab you an X-MOUNT designed for mounting the case on your bike, putting it on your belt, or armband.
Pros: IP68 waterproof Comes with accessories Meets military drop standard Cons: No color options Best Versatility Armor-X Waterproof Case

$70 from Armor-X
Hang it anywhere

This case can be hung anywhere with its grip strap and stuck on any metal surface, due to its magnet holder.
Best Against Water: Moonmini Waterproof Case

This case meets and exceeds military standards by being able to withstand a 6 ½ foot drop, due to its durable TPU material with hard plastic. It's IP68 certified waterproof, so it's good to go for those who love doing all things in the water, including swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, and rafting.

Moreover, Moonmini's waterproof case comes with a little extra. It supplies each case with a trusty floating strap to prevent your phone from being submerged in a pool or a larger body of water such as a lake or ocean. For that, it makes this case one of the best against water.
Pros: Floating strap IP68 waterproof Supports wireless charging Shockproof and dustproof Cons: Fingerprint magnet Lack of colors Best Against Water Moonmini Waterproof Case

$20 from Amazon
This thing can float

Moonmini's trusty floating strap is a thoughtful addition to prevent your phone from being submerged in large bodies of water.
Best Affordability: Shellbox Waterproof Case

This Shellbox case covers your entire iPhone 11 with its built-in screen protector, great rugged, heavy-duty case surrounded by a hard silicone frame. Those outer layers are an excellent defense against any scratches, drops, and bumps.

The Shellbox case's IP68 certified waterproof rating is perfect for the adventurous type who loves doing outdoor activities, including diving, swimming, underwater photography, and skiing. Moreover, the case provides wireless charging support capable of using most standard offerings available out on the market.
Pros: Wireless charging support IP68 waterproof Shockproof and dustproof Cons: No color options A bit bulky Best Affordability Shellbox Waterproof Case

$18 from Amazon
Affordable water protection

It's IP68 certified waterproof, so it's ready for any water-related activities, like swimming, diving, and skiing.
Bottom line
Searching for the best case for your iPhone 11 can be stressful, especially when you need a specific feature like waterproofing. That's why the Cozycase Waterproof Case is our best overall choice for you to get on this list. It delivers just about every necessary feature you can ask for in a heavy-duty waterproof case. It has IP68 certification, military standard for drop test, and shockproof durability all in a cool looking, clear, smoky black frame.
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