My Smoothest Shave

Thank you to Billie for sponsoring todays post.

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Are you ready for the new year?! Any fun plans for NYE?? Well be keeping it low key with a few friends, but Im so excited for 2020! I love the fresh start a new year brings, but something about it being 2020 makes it extra special. Im ready to put 2019 in the books and welcome 2020! You too??

I hope in that last few years Ive been able to spread my Grandma Nolas Take Care of You message and that its had a positive impact on your life. It sure has mine.

I have lots of days where Im really struggling, too much to do, and find myself not able to catch a breath. But, when I take time to prioritize, plan, wake up early, ask for help, say no, and do the things I know I need to do to keep my sanity, my life runs much more smoothly.

And speaking of smooth, today Im talking about something I dont think Ive ever shared before. Thats wild because Ive been blogging for over 10 years!


I must say, just like my nails, Im obsessive about having shaved legs. I dont shave daily, but I cant go longer than three days without shaving or I feel so icky. I know everyone is different, but dont like the way long hair feels on my legs.

Im also not a fan of waxing. I did it once and hated how long you have to let the hair grow before you can get it waxed. So, one time and I never went back. Not to mention, how intimate do you really want to get with a stranger?!

So, enter my world of trying nearly every razor in the drugstore and not really having a fave. Id sometimes use the mens, but those arent pretty!

Fast forward to the last couple of months and I started seeing the Billie razor pop up all over my Instagram feed. #influencedbyinfluencers

I was definitely intrigued first because the razor is so cute, but also because its a subscription service, so you never have to worry about putting buy razors on your To Do list. I take advantage of anything I can automate!

Bilie razor

The Billie Starter Kit is reasonably priced at just $9 (with FREE shipping), and includes a Billie handle, magnetic holder, two (5-blade) razor cartridges, and samples of their shave cream and Dry-Bye body lotion.

You get to choose your Billie handle color and they have several fun colors to choose from. I chose dream pop a brink pink on one side, and lavender on the other.

Billie Razor
Going forward, theyll deliver four replacement cartridges for $9 whenever you need them.
You can choose how often you want to receive the replacement cartridges. For example, once a month if you shave daily, every two months if you shave a few times a week (thats me!), or every three months if you shave once a week. #jealous

The razor handle was definitely cute and feels good to hold its matte rubber, so you wont lose your grip, but the real test is how well does it work?

I can honestly say it is the best razor Ive used. Really. It shaves super close and the head swivels to get the tricky areas like your ankles and knees. After shaving with this razor, my legs felt so extremely soft and smooth.

And I really didnt realize how much I would LOVE that little magnetic holder! In fact, the first couple of times I used my razor, I kept putting it back down on the shower bench because I was so used to that. But, its so nice to have it up and out of the way, and easy to reach for.

Billie Razor

Im truly a convert.I think sometimes when you see that a post is sponsored, you naturally suspect whether the person is being 100% honest with their review. I can assure you, I am always up front and only agree to sponsored content when the product is something I would recommend to my own BFF or mom!

Billie Razor

And you know what? You can even GIFT a Billie Razor subscription to a friend! You just pick a color and subscription length, and their gift will arrive at their door! I think that would be awesome for the next Favorite Things party!

Have you tried the Billie razor? Are you as hooked as I am? If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and Ill be happy to answer!


Go make it a fantastic week friends!

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