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Space, more often than not, comes at a premium. Homes and apartments only have so much real estate for you to fit furniture into so finding ways to make the most effective use of it can be tricky to execute properly. That’s why having a piece of furniture that can double up on functionality makes so much sense. Enter: the sleeper sofa.

Sure, you can sleep on a regular old couch, but don’t make your guests sacrifice their backs for a cheap place to crash. If you like to host friends and family, why not purchase a sofa that can give you a bit more space to stretch out? The best sleeper sofas do just this, allowing you to transform a standard couch into a sleeping space where your guests can crash.

Whether it’s just a fold-down back similar to that of a futon or a sofa with a hidden and dedicated pull out bed, sleeper sofas are a close to a one-size-fits-all-spaces solution as you can get. A great piece of home furniture for allowing extra sleeping space, they’re a valuable tool to have in your home.

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted ten of our favorite pull-out couches to help you turn your living room into a guest bedroom. Check out our selections for the best sleeper sofas below.
   1. Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa

The best sleeper sofas are inherently dual-purpose. They’re meant to offer a place to sit and a place to sleep if you’re tight on space. And, ideally, they don’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. Finally, the best couches for sleeping don’t look like awkward, bulky hotel furniture, but rather blend seamlessly into your home decor. No one should even know it’s a sleeper sofa until the sun goes down.

Novogratz’s Brittany sleeper sofa fulfills these criteria, providing an elegant and modern futon-style sleeper sofa that’s just as comfortable to sleep on top of as it is when you’re watching TV. Its linen upholstery makes it easy to wipe clean should anything go awry, while its stylish look elevates any space. Economical — in design and cost — it easily walks away as our best choice overall.

However, this isn’t a traditional pull-out couch. Rather, the back cushions fold down to give you extra sleeping space. It’s a modern piece of furniture that will give your guests a full night’s sleep.

Buy: Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa $329.99
   2. Serta Rane Collection Sleeper Sofa

If your budget is on the tighter end of the spectrum, but you still need an affordable option, this futon sleeper sofa from Serta’s Rane collection is an excellent value. Smartly sized for small spaces like expensive apartments, it has a contemporary design that will look great in any space. Furthermore, it’s easy to transform it from a sofa to a bed. Plus, as with all of Serta’s products, you can take comfort in knowing you’re purchasing a cozy option that will leave you feeling rested and recovered.

Buy: Serta Rane Collection Sleeper Sofa $163.46
   3. Wildon San Diego Sleeper Sofa

The thing about leather sofas is their inherent ability to be timeless. A leather sofa in a rich chocolate color like this version from Wildon Home will fit into a variety of spaces and elevate them to look classier and more stylish. Plus, they’re just comfortable to sit on while you watch Netflix for a few hours or more. This sofa not only converts to a sleeper but has included under sofa storage for sleets and pillows — and included cup holders.

Buy: Wildon San Diego Sleeper Sofa $799.99

   4. Signature Design by Ashley Sleeper Sofa

If you’d rather have a dedicated pull-out couch instead of just being a foldable couch of some sort, this option from Signature Design by Ashley is a great call. Totally discreet, it functions with all the trappings of modern design, including cushions wrapped in a soft blend of polyester and nylon for comfort and easy cleaning. The minimalist design makes it so you don’t have to remove the back cushions when pulling out the queen-size bed underneath. Oh, and the mattress itself is made from breezy and supportive memory foam for a comfortable night’s rest.

Buy: Signature Design by Ashley Sleeper Sofa $599.99
   5. IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa

With its baby-blue hue, the IKEA Holmsund sleeper sofa will brighten up any room. With room in the back to angle the seat cushions, there’s plenty of space to adjust things to your needs. The durable and removable cotton and polyester cover can be completely removed and washed when needed and has been structured to keep its color over thousands of washes. And, as an extra bonus, there’s under-the-sofa storage for books, pillows, and sheets for the sofa bed itself.

Buy: IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa $549.00

   6. All Modern Percy Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Looking to outfit a living room at once? All Modern’s Percy sleeper sofa includes accent pillows that already match the fabric color of the couch itself, which saves you both time and money. The Greek Key pillows are a pattern that adds a bit of character without being overwhelming while the blue linen spruces up any space with its vibrant hues. Meanwhile, the sleeper portion folds out to a full to allow guests to crash accordingly.

Buy: All Modern Percy Convertible Sleeper Sofa $460.00

   7. Wrought Studio Farias Sleeper Sofa

If you’re in need of a new sleeper sofa and are looking to invest a little more this time around for an upgrade, this Farias sleeper sofa from Wrought Studio is the one to get. At 88 inches long, there’s plenty of room for you and friends to hang out, while its rectangular arms provide a sturdy place to rest your hands. The white trimmings add just a bit of a modern touch to an already stylish-looking piece. While we wish the sleeper portion itself was a bit larger (it’s just a full) it’s a worthy upgrade from the budget version you have sprung for last go-round.

Buy: Wrought Studio Farias Sleeper Sofa $399.99

   8. Joybird Eliot Sleeper Sectional

Sectionals are typically wide and large enough on their own that you could sleep on them with no issue, but the added benefit of just being able to pull out a mattress is certainly worth having if you’re going to invest. Joybird’s fully customizable Eliot Sleeper Sectional is built to be comfortable in all aspects, whether you’re hanging out in its Chaise lounge or in the pull out bed. With dozens of fabric options to choose from, there’s something that will match your space. And customer reviews rave about how comfortable the queen size sleeper is. It’s hard not to love Joybird’s incredible selection of modern furniture, although their prices are out of range for some shoppers.

Buy: Joybird Eliot Sleeper Sectional $3,850.00

   9. West Elm Henry Sleeper Sofa

If you’re going to go all out on your purchase of a sleeper sofa, make sure it’s this version from West Elm. The brand’s Henry sleeper is fully customizable (down to the color of the upholstery, the size of the sofa and the size of the bed itself). Speaking of the bed, the mattress is made from memory foam for premium cushion and support. Additionally, the cushions can be fully reversed should you start to notice signs of wear and tear. Sure, it’s an investment, but you’re getting the best of the best.

Buy: West Elm Henry Sleeper Sofa $3,799.00

   10. Baysitone Sleeper Sofa

A little can go a long way, which makes this twin-sized sleeper sofa from Baysitone such a valuable asset. Complete little details like a center drink holder and reclining seats, it’s a helpful addition to any space. While the twin-sized sleeper might not be large enough for some, it’ll make quite a difference in a pinch.

Buy: Baysitone Sleeper Sofa $235.99
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