Types of Sawhorses How Many Sawhorses Do You Need?

Contrary to popular belief, sawhorses arent actually horses. Of course, thats not a popular belief, but everyone believes that any establishment dealing with woodworking needs one of these.

Theyre essentially a tool that acts as a foundation to place your material, most often wood, to saw safely and properly. Additionally, they have a strong foundation and a slim surface so that you get more room to saw off your material as you please.

As you can tell, it is a vital part of any woodworker since youll have to cut the wood into shape frequently. Accordingly, youll find them in spades all over carpenters and woodworkers workshops. Besides, you can use them as slim tables while sanding or painting.

However, you cant just get any kind of sawhorse and call it a day. If you truly want to make your workshop right, youll need the type that suits your purpose best.

What Are the Types of Sawhorses?

Although they look and seem simple enough, there are multiple different types of sawhorses for you to choose from. Each of them offers you different kinds of utility and benefits. They specialize in particular purposes that make them more viable than others based on what you need for your projects.

So, the different types of sawhorses offer you different kinds of benefits. Some last longer, while others reduce the risk of leaving marks. In any case, lets educate ourselves on the different types of sawhorses out there.


This is probably the most common type there is. Youre bound to see one of these once in your life. Its because the wooden variant is just so versatile in terms of use and availability. Theyre easy to make, too, so you can whip one up yourself if you are capable.

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Maintenance and repair are quite easy since its made of wood. If it gets damaged, you can simply replace the parts. Its also easy to install and put together. So, you dont have to work too hard to fix them. This is a concern because these types of sawhorses arent all that durable.

Youll encounter several situations where you might accidentally cut into the tool with your saw. Fortunately, the saw wont get damaged due to the soft nature of the wooden sawhorse, but youll have to make repairs nonetheless.

Its also worth noting that these wont leave marks on your materials. So, you can rely on it to dish out solid results when youre dealing with wood. However, if you plan on cutting steel, then the next type will appeal more to you.


These arent nearly as common as the wooden variant, but its earned its spot in industrial use everywhere. Starting off, we must mention that the metal will leave marks on your wood and similar materials. So, if youre using delicate materials like that, its wise not to choose metal.

On the other hand, if you need to cut steel and similarly hard materials, then the metal variant is the type for you. It stays strong and durable even through the toughest use. This is due to their build materials. However, thats what makes them harder to maintain, as well.

They wont damage as easily as wood, but when it does, repairing becomes a hassle. Unlike the previous type, you dont have much scope to make a new one at home, as well. Thats why youll mostly see this used in an industrial environment rather than a home one.

Also, they cost much more if youre planning on buying them instead. So, keep those details in mind before you make your final choice. Therefore, if a long-lasting and durable but ultimately more expensive sawhorse appeals to your needs, then the metal is up for you.

Chainsaw Sawhorse

So, if you try to cut wood on a wooden sawhorse with a chainsaw, youll have a real mess on your hands. Your cuts will get messed up, the sawhorse will get damaged, or you could injure yourself. So, what can you do then?

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Thats where these variations come into play. They offer you the ability to hold your logs in place tightly. That way, they wont mess up their positioning, so you can get a clean cut. Moreover, the vibrations of the chainsaw wont hinder your accuracy as well, since the logs will stay in place.

Their structure and positioning also make it easier to see and keep track of. As a result, accidents are decreased, and the whole process is much safer than ever before.

Of course, these sawhorses need to be made of hard materials like metal to pull this off. As a result, theyre more expensive and heavier. However, that doesnt change the fact that it keeps you safe and offers you a lot more convenience when trying to cut down wood with a chainsaw.

Lightweight Sawhorse

Yes, wooden sawhorses are generally light, but it always makes sure to keep just the right amount of weight to avoid sacrificing functionality. Thats just the quality of most sawhorses. Functionality is key. However, there are cases when you might need a portable sawhorse to take to places for a small project.

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Thats where the lightweight variant comes in. They are generally cheaper and lighter but sacrifice durability and functionality for it. Its not an ideal pick if youre doing heavy-duty work or even standard work for that matter.

Instead, if youre working on small projects, then it should be enough. Its decreased weight makes it much more portable than the other variants. You can easily take it anywhere you need to accomplish whatever tasks you have.

So, if you need portability, then this type has you covered. Just make sure that whatever project youre creating is safe on these types.

How Many do I need?

Thats highly subjective. A lot of it depends on the kind of work youre doing. For instance, if you need a sawhorse to cut metal, then get the metal type and use that. Since theyre highly durable and long-lasting, you wont have to change them all that often.

On the other hand, if youre planning on getting a wooden type, then you should try to keep one or two extras. Thats because there could be issues where it gets damaged in a way that interrupts your project. As such, extras never hurt.

In normal scenarios, there shouldnt really be a reason to get more than one chainsaw sawhorses. One should be good enough as long as you use them properly.

Finally, keeping one or two lightweight variants is good enough. Of course, this is all in terms of personal use. In industrial cases, youll need more based on the scope of your business or projects.


Now that you know about the different types of saw horses, we know that youll make the right choice on what to get. As long as youre aware of the purpose itll fulfill, you cant go wrong. So, get out there and saw it!

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