Duct-Ling By Keysmart | Keychain Duct Tape Roller - Repair And Protect Anything On-The-Go (Black)

Duct-Ling By Keysmart | Keychain Duct Tape Roller - Repair And Protect Anything On-The-Go (Black)

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Duct-Ling by KeySmart | KeyChain Duct Tape Roller - Repair and Protect Anything On-The-Go (Black) -

Brand: KeySmart

  • REPAIR, PATCH & PROTECT: You'll always be prepared to repair a tear, patch a leak or protect a break with the Duct-Ling keychain duct tape roller
  • STRONG & DURABLE: Extremely durable with a strong adhesive for long-lasting hold on many surfaces
  • COMPACT & EASY TO TEAR: Lightweight and easy to tear by hand - no dispenser or scissors needed!
  • ATTACH TO KEYCHAIN: Includes loop ring to attach to your keychain or KeySmart
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: If your KeySmart Duct-Ling breaks under normal wear and tear in the first 2 years, we will replace it. We Value Creativity: KeySmart is protected under Patent D705,533, D754,428, D756,629, D756,630 & other Domestic and International Patents Pending. KeySmart is a domestic and internationally registered trademark. All infringement is subject to legal pursuit.

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KEYSMART DUCT-LING NANO DUCT TAPE HOLDER Who wouldn't know duct tape? I hope you would agree with me if I say, duct tape is the first repair kit that comes to mind when we got broken things that need quick fixing. Unfortunately, while it is very convenient and easy to use, duct tape is very inconvenient to carry around because it comes in big rolls. That's why, you might end up helpless and frustrated when you don't have it with you when you needed it the most. BUT hey this is not anymore an issue because KeySmart came with an awesome solution and created - Duct-Ling! Duct-Ling is a nano duct tape holder. It is designed to elegantly and effectively integrate duct tape into your everyday carry. It is very handy that you can easily attached on your KeySmart key holder. Don't worry about running out of duct tape, because duct-ling is refillable over and over again, and its solid stainless steel construction will promise you a lifetime of utility. What is inside: - 1 x Duct-Ling (with Black duct tape) All KeySmart products are covered by a 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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