FireKing 3S3122-CSCML Signature  Fire File Cabinet

FireKing 3S3122-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet

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FireKing 3S3122-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet

The FireKing 3S3122-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet is one of the best in the industry and it can be an invaluable asset in fire protection as well as protection from theft.  In a both your home and business, there are plenty of crucial, and flammable items that a fire file cabinet can protect. After all, essential paperwork might include documents that outline your ownership of the commercial property, or insurance papers, stocks, and shares. These things can help to ensure the quick and easy re-growth of the business after a fire-based disaster.  As well it can help protect valuable documents in your home such as titles, passports, medical records, etc. Fireking only uses quality steel and fire protectant materials in their products and this cabinet will protect your important documents from any type of building fire.

The FireKing 3S3122-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet has a vast array of features including a UL rating to hold files below a 350 degree internal temperature for 1 hour. Every square inch of the cabinet is covered with a special fire resistant material. To make this one of a kind file cabinet FireKing used a puzzle method of combining steel panels that can be easily replaced if one happens to be damaged. Every square inch of the panels are covered in fire protectant material. If one is broken there is no need to replace the entire unit. The steel panels are burglary resistant and have a sleek finish that comes in 9 available colors. The fire resistant material also provides a bit of water protection from water seeping through the cabinet.  It is finished in a powder coat rust, scratch, scuff and stain resistant coating. It has easy glide suspension rollers that are guaranteed for 3 years and provide you with easy opening of drawers. The handles are recessed into the drawer for a more sleek looking design. To get the extra protection of water resistance the fire material is impermeable to water from a sprinkler system.  For security the cabinet has a UL listed high security Medeco key lock. This lock is pick resistant and will insure access can only be granted by the key holder.

Consider your peace of mind and your clients peace of mind. Protect what matters most to you today with the FireKing 3S3122-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet.


  • Exclusive powder coat finish for superior scratch, scuff, and stain resistance
  • Accu-ride drawer suspensions are guaranteed for 3 years
  • Field-replaceable exterior steel skins
  • Recessed designer handles
  • UL-listed Medeco high-security locks in a variety of key and lock arrangements
  • Nine standard colors
  • We can match colors from Herman Miller, Hayworth, etc. or any color you choose for an additional cost