FireKing 4S4422-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet

FireKing 4S4422-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet

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FireKing 4S4422-CSCML Signature Fire File Cabinet

Blending strength and style, FireKing introduces the perfect storage system to protect your files from fire while you make a stylish statement about your security. This cabinet is made from quality steel and fire resistant material that makes it the best choice for protecting what matters to you. FireKing is a trusted name in the industry with decades of experience in crafting expert products for your satisfaction.

The file cabinet is made from solid steel panels that can be replaced if damaged. These steel panels give burglary resistance while maintaining a sleek looking finish. It is finished in a powder coat rust, scratch, scuff and stain resistant coating. The color options are limitless with 9 available standard colors. It has easy glide suspension rollers that are guaranteed for 3 years and provide you with easy opening of drawers. The handles are recessed into the drawer for a more sleek looking design.

Every square inch of the cabinet is covered in fire resistant material that makes it able to withstand extreme fire conditions. This cabinet was tested to hold documents in a temperature zone of 350 degrees for one hour. It is considered a safe temperature zone because paper does not burn until temperatures of 460 degrees. Because of the extensive fire resistance, the cabinet has an added benefit of water resistance. If a sprinkler system activates in an effort to put out the fire then the paper documents will be protected from any water damage that might occur. For security the cabinet has a UL listed high security Medeco key lock. This lock is pick resistant and will insure access can only be granted by the key holder.

If you are looking to make a statement about security and protect your most important files then consider the many possibilities of the 4S4422 File Cabinet. 


  • Exclusive powder coat finish for superior scratch, scuff, and stain resistance
  • Accu-ride drawer suspensions are guaranteed for 3 years
  • Field-replaceable exterior steel skins
  • Recessed designer handles
  • UL-listed Medeco high-security locks in a variety of key and lock arrangements
  • Nine standard colors
  • We can match colors from Herman Miller, Hayworth, etc.  or any color you choose for an additional cost