Phoenix Safe LGL2W31 31" 2 Drawer Legal Size Fire File Cabinet

Phoenix Safe LGL2W31 31" 2 Drawer Legal Size Fire File Cabinet

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Phoenix Safe LGL2W31 31" 2 Drawer Legal Size Vertical Fire File Cabinet

Protect Your Legal and Letter Size Documents by Storing Them in the Fireproof, World Class Phoenix LGL2W31 File Cabinet

Is your office ready to cope with a wide range of natural or man-made disasters? If you can‰۪t provide an affirmative answer to this question, consider the fact that your most valuable possessions could be destroyed, or severely deteriorated in a split second by threats that you may not be able to control, such as fires, floods, or powerful impacts. Fortunately, now you can protect your vital business data by storing your letter and legal size documents in a Phoenix LGL2W31 file cabinet.

Discover the Unique Features of the Phoenix LGL2W31 File Cabinet

Weighing 356 lbs, the Phoenix LGL2W31 vertical file cabinet is the best pick when it comes to depositing and protecting your files. Due to its well-rounded design, it can also accommodate a generous selection of computer storage devices, including memory sticks and cards, CDs, and DVDs.

Its standard dimensions 28"H x 19.875"W x 31"D, ideal weight (356 lbs) and spacious interior (10.5"H x 15"W x 26"D for each drawer) turn it into a desirable piece of office furniture compatible with any kind of work space. This product comes with two drawers, a modern key lock and two keys.

The high security key lock limits access to a few selected, authorized key holders and can simultaneously lock all drawers. A lock bypass mechanism enables users to keep a few drawers unlocked, while the other ones remain locked.

What‰۪s So Special about the Phoenix LGL2W31 File Cabinet?

Aside from being versatile and practical, the Phoenix LGL2W31 vertical filing cabinet displays a sturdy construction and has been designed to prevent damages associated with some of the most common major threats, including fires, impacts and floods. Due to its state-of-the-art sealing system, the cabinet will help you avoid losses caused by sprinklers and fire hoses.

Also, ample tests have shown that this product can withstand extreme temperatures of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit (fire testing) and 2,000 degrees (explosion testing), while maintaining its interior temperature below 350 degrees. This fireproof cabinet has a 350 1-hour fire rating, meaning that you would never have to worry about the fact that your documents could burn in a fire while they're being stored inside a Phoenix LGL2W31.

This product can survive a 30 feet drop (loaded) without altering its main characteristics and functionality. Solid, durable and incredibly resistant, the Phoenix LGL2W31 is now available at a special price. Order it today and profit from a generous discount.


  • Two drawer vertical model.
  • Can file legal and letter size paper.
  • Durable textured paint finish in black, putty or light gray.
  • Recessed drawer pulls.
  • Key-operated plunger lock for security.
  • Impact-resistant for 30-foot drops.
  • Lock any number of drawers and leave the rest unlocked for customizable privacy.
  • Independent drawer insulation protects closed drawers if one is open during a fire.
  • Inner steel jackets cover insulation and block access via unlocked compartments.
  • Class 350 - 1 hour fire resistant.
  • MTC Grade B rating protects CDs, DVDs, USB's and memory sticks.
  • Resists explosions of up to 2000 degrees F.
  • Labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage.
  • Class 125 media insert available to protect data tapes and cartridge.