Smart Key Holder
Smart Key Holder

Smart Key Holder

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"There are more things than ever that people carry around in their pockets and purse these days, like phones, flash drives, loyalty cards or ear buds.  Since space for these objects is already so limited, why not make the best use of a required travel staple that everyone carries around anyway: your keys.

My sleek design will not only keep your keys compact and organized, but I'm made to last with a light but strong aviation aluminum body with oxidized surface paint and stainless steel accessories.  In other words, I'll be with you for many years to come with no deformation, fading or rusting like my inferior peers.

I can hold 7 normal sized keys and even have a special attachment for car keys and fobs.

Are you going to miss getting your pocket or purse poked by a jingling, bulky mess of keys?  Didn't think so."

-S. Key Holder

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